Asset Tracing International

Our expertise in the field of Asset Searching is derived from a specialist corporate investigations background.

We are able to bring a highly focused and forensic investigative dimension to the location and recovery of assets.

Tracing assets is also an essential tool in providing financial intelligence when litigation is being contemplated.

Prior knowledge of a company or individuals financial resources will establish whether there are sufficient funds to fight a legal action through the courts, pay legal costs or enforce judgments issued.

In the global marketplace, a major advantage that we offer is our long held associations with like minded sister companies around the world.

The typical and well known off- shore jurisdictions are within easy reach for us.

In many instances we personally know our partners in Europe, North America, The Far East, Middle East, Caribbean and the Former Soviet Union where we retain the trust and confidence of many reputable, highly skill and effective investigators.

The phrase “local knowledge is best”, is as pertinent in theĀ field of Asset Searching as any other, indeed more so.